André Maturana-Nuñez 

Born in 1976 in Hamburg; schooling in Dortmund, Valparaiso (Chile) and Koblenz; studied law at the University of Bonn; legal clerkships in Cologne and Bristol (UK).

Lawyer at the law firms Osborne Clarke, Aderhold, Marccus Partners, Classen & Fuhrmanns and, from 2013 onwards, at Lacore in Berlin. Establishment of the law firm Maturana-Nuñez at the beginning of 2019.

André Maturana-Nuñez is an expert in litigation in the field of commercial law. He also has extensive experience in property law, with a focus on commercial lease law.

André Maturana-Nuñez speaks German, English and Spanish.

Selected References

(Selection )

1 The case was handled for the law firm Marccus Partners.
2 The case was handled for the law firm Osborne Clarke.
3 The case was handled for the law firm Lacore.

Litigation concerning compensation payment after termination of property company; amount in dispute of 1,900,000 EUR

Lease negotiations for Berlin based indoor leisure park

Litigation for developer of dating app

Lease negotiations for landlords and tenants concerning office and retail spaces

Corporate litigation

Litigation for a leading worldwide logistics provider, including litigation regarding a cooperation agreement, in the field of plant construction and for a cross-border, large-volume claim (1)

Tenancy law consulting for a Berlin start-up campus, especially in relation to important lease contracts as well as property law consulting concerning the acquisition of a further location (3)

Tenancy law consulting for negotiations on the leasing of the Atrium Tower (3)

Litigation for a public bank from Brandenburg in connection with corporate financing (3) )

Litigation for a large German supermarket chain with regard to supply relationships and the leasing of premises for supermarkets (2)

Numerous lease negotiations for Berlin start-ups and other companies (e.g. from the film industry, personnel services) regarding the leasing of commercial premises (3)

Property law consulting for negotiations on the acquisition of the ‘Europacity Berlin’ site (3)

Litigation for shareholder of a startup concerning compensation payment for company shares; amount in dispute of 2,000,000 EUR (3)

Litigation for investors in a failed investment fund; amount in dispute of 10,000,000 EUR (3)

Tenancy law consulting for the leasing of part of the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen (3)

Tenancy law consulting with regard to the acquisition of the Berlin start-up 6 Wunderkinder by Microsoft (3)

Litigation regarding wind farms (3)

Litigation for a leading German vegetable producer in a supplier dispute (3)

Litigation for a company in the hotel industry (3)